Avatron: Kernel Panics, Mountain Lion, and Bluetooth


We discovered a fascinating obscure bug in Mountain Lion. Fortunately there’s an easy workaround. Here’s the bug:
  1. Sleep your Mac (either explicitly or by closing a laptop).
  2. Turn off all of your Bluetooth devices.
  3. Wake your Mac.
  4. Watch helplessly as your Mac goes into a Kernel Panic.

(Source: avatronblog)

Managing Email Realistically - Matt Gemmell


To effectively manage our email, we have to accept a few basic truths. They’re hard truths, but that only makes them even more valuable. Here they are:

1. What’s important to other people is not (as) important to you.

2. You are inherently lazy and egocentric.

3. Ruthlessness is a hell of a time-saver.

I’m a big believer in item #3.

Augmented Reality: Omnitouch Kinect hack | Beyond The Beyond

Augmented Reality: Omnitouch Kinect hack | Beyond The Beyond: “*The Kinect must have been invented for the raw joy of computer scientists, because I haven’t seen Microsoft cough up a breakout game for that gizmo in ages now”

Emptyage — Generation X Doesn't Want to Hear It

Really, just leave us alone for a few fucking minutes, ok?


This morning’s topic of discussion in IS has been custard.  No, I have no idea why either.

Khadalel: I earned this achievement: Level 10!! #Rift

Khadalel: I earned this achievement: Level 10!! #Rift

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 (video) -- Engadget

The first thing any corporate IT department will do with PCs shipping with this will be to turn off the new features.

Despite making an effort to get plenty of sleep last night and so retain the benefits of a three day weekend, today is turning out grumpy.  I’m having trouble suffering the attentions of fools, today, I’m afraid.




xkcd: Probability